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​San Diego Must See & Do

Let’s make the most of our time in the Sunshine State — let’s meet for drinks, grab a bite to eat or listen to local music together during our free time! Arrive in San Diego early or stay a few days following World Workplace to take in a tour, drive out to Coronado or see a Chargers game.


When it comes to dining, San Diego has a flavor all its own. With easy access to fresh fish and local produce, plus its proximity to Mexico, San Diego's Cali-Baja cuisine reflects the heart and soul of the region.

Near the Convention Center:

Top Rated in the City:


San Diego’s bar scene offers a delectable variety of flavors and vibes. From casual dives and lively pubs, to sultry wine bars, exclusive speakeasies and coveted tequila tastings, you’e sure to find a bar-stool or private booth that fits your mood and spirit.

Rooftop Bars:

Breweries & Wineries

San Diego’s rise as a craft beer capital has added an exciting new element to the sunny sudsy city as more than 130 breweries, brew pubs and tasting rooms are scattered across the county. Click here for a brewery guide  

A wonderful world of wine also awaits, as San Diego County boasts more than 100 wineries. The area's distinct microclimates and varied topography makes San Diego unique as a grape growing region. Click here for a winery guide


San Diego is home to many of Southern California’s top tourist attractions, which provide exhilaration, education and excitement for adults and kids of all ages. San Diego's close proximity to Anaheim also makes for an easy day trip to Disneyland.

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