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Opening Keynote Speaker

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Kyle PettyKyle Petty

NASCAR Icon and Philanthropist

Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2018
10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

“What a Ride: Life, Family, Community and the Race Track”

Kyle Petty is an auto racing icon, a champion of philanthropy and one of the most popular personalities in all of sports. His name and smile will always connect him with NASCAR’s most famous family. To the world, his father Richard Petty was, and still is, “the King,” the greatest champion in NASCAR history. His grandfather, Lee, was larger-than-life in the early days of stock car racing. Petty is as much a product of racing as he is of his famous forebears. For more than three decades as a driver, owner and media commentator, he has put his heart and soul into doing what a Petty does best — compete with class and touching the lives of everyone around him. Inspired by the vision of his late son Adam, Kyle and the Petty family partnered with the NASCAR community and corporate sponsors nationwide to help those in need. Their crowning achievement is Victory Junction, a camp near Level Cross where more than 25,300 children with chronic or life-threatening illnesses have found hope, laughter, friendship and adventure. Founded in 2004, Victory Junction has become a shining example of what character and commitment can achieve.

For more than 23 years, Petty has hosted hundreds of NASCAR fans, drivers and motorcycle enthusiasts on his annual Kyle Petty Charity Ride Across America. The ride travels cross-country each spring to raise funds and awareness for Victory Junction and has raised more than US$18 million for children with chronic or life-threatening illnesses to date, making it the most successful philanthropic event hosted by any person in the NASCAR family. Petty has been named or nominated by NASCAR, plus various media outlets and corporations, as Person of the Year, Father of the Year, Sportsman of the Year and the USA's Most Caring Athlete. He is an inductee in the Philanthropy Hall of Fame, the Humanitarian Hall of Fame and the Little League Hall of Excellence.

Plenary Session Keynote

Scott BreorScott F. Breor

Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary, U.S. National Protection and Programs Directorate’s Office of Infrastructure Protection

Thursday, Oct. 4, 2018
8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m.

“Securing Soft Targets and Crowded Spaces Against Evolving Threats”

Scott Breor currently serves as the Deputy Assistant Secretary (Acting) for the Office of Infrastructure Protection (IP) within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) National Protection and Programs Directorate, where he helps oversee IP’s efforts to help secure the nation’s critical infrastructure.

Previously, Breor served as the Director of IP’s Protective Security Coordination Division, where he oversaw a nationwide cadre of critical infrastructure security specialists known as Protective Security Advisors. He also led the division’s efforts in vulnerability and security gap analysis; support to special events; and training on topics including active shooter preparedness, suspicious activity reporting and improvised explosive device awareness and bomb threat management. 

Breor has more than 30 years of military and senior executive experience in the United States government. Prior to DHS, Breor was a Naval Aviator and had served as the Senior Policy Advisor for the Chief of Naval Operations on all ​homeland security matters. While assigned to the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) he led a division that supported the CNO on key warfare and Homeland Security and Defense policy decisions, which included: interagency coordination, incident management and Department of Homeland Security/Department of Defense integration. For his work for the CNO and his efforts following the tragic events of September 11, 2001 at the Pentagon, he was awarded the Legion of Merit. As a Naval Aviator he supported operations in Iceland, Greenland, Adriatic, Mediterranean, Azores and South America.

Breor was a Senior Executive Fellow at the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. He received a Masters of Arts in National Security Studies and in Homeland Security and Defense from the Naval Post Graduate School, and received a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Oklahoma. In addition, he earned a Bachelor of Science in Physics from The Citadel.

Session Description: Securing soft targets and crowded spaces is an area of increasing focus for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). ​There have been ​several attacks against public venues, both abroad and in the United States, ranging from the attack on concert attendees in Manchester, UK, to mass shootings in the U.S. at houses of worship, schools and a music festival, as well as vehicle rammings and the use of improvised explosives in publicly accessible venues.

According to the current National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) Bulletin, issued on Nov. 9, 2017, “We continue to face one of the most challenging threat environments since 9/11, as foreign terrorist organizations exploit the Internet to inspire, enable or direct individuals already here in the homeland to commit terrorist acts. Homegrown terror suspects increasingly rely on technology, such as end-to-end encrypted social media applications, to avoid detection. Terrorist groups are urging recruits to adopt easy-to-use tools to target public places and events.”

This discussion will focus on soft-target security efforts underway at DHS, examining current trends, discuss how the concept of soft target security is evolving from venue-specific to venue and time dependent, and look at the way ahead. Breor will also provide information on free tools and resources available through DHS to assist facility managers as they and their teams work to ensure the safety and security of their visitors and employees.

Awards Luncheon Keynote Speaker

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Theresa PaytonTheresa Payton

Former White House CIO and Cybersecurity Authority Starring on CBS’s TV Show, “Hunted”

Friday, Oct. 5, 2018
2:15 p.m. - 3:15 p.m.

“Hype or Reality? Your Workplace and Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the Internet of Things”

As the star of the CBS TV series, “Hunted,” Theresa Payton identifies emerging trends and techniques to help combat cyber threats, from the impact of the Internet of Things to securing big data. The first female to serve as White House chief information officer, and named #4 on IFSEC Global’s list of the world’s Top 50 cybersecurity influencers in security and fire 2017, Payton is one of America’s most respected authorities on Internet security, data breaches and fraud mitigation. With real-world strategies and solutions, she helps public- and private-sector organizations protect their most valuable resources. Drawing from her experience as a veteran cybercrime fighter and entrepreneur of her successful and rapidly growing cybersecurity firm, Fortalice, Payton masterfully blends memorable anecdotes with cutting-edge insights to heighten awareness of the perils of our uber-connected world. As she delves into the cyber-underworld and the new kinds of threats that can lead to tomorrow’s breaches and insider risks, she offers a proven blueprint for audiences to stay a step ahead with practical steps for thinking like the adversary, while managing cybersecurity risk. Payton’s distinct approachability, combined with her visionary perspective and easy-to-implement strategies, effectively prepare audiences for success in the ongoing battle against cybercrime.

In this session: The weakest link in your building might not be on your checklist — cybersecurity. We know how important it is to maintain and optimize your physical facilities and workspace, but what about your digital office space? In any business that uses technology, there exists the risk of a cyber attack hitting your servers. A lot of executives believe that they won't encounter a digital breach, but 2017 was a watershed year for cybercrime. The traditional view of facility management previously included tasks which were more physical in nature in terms of the responsibility of the building, but the ever-evolving landscape of facilities upfitted with Internet of Things devices — from smart locks to smart bulbs and more — mixed with the dynamic pace of threats via cybercrime means FM strategy now includes maintaining critical operations through the use of information technology, cyber security and automated controls. This is a conundrum that Payton faced on the front lines of protecting the White House and faces today working with facility managers across the globe to protect what matters most. Payton will address the specific concerns for facility managers regarding potential threats and the role of key stakeholders in mitigating those concerns. She will share real-world strategies to help you create a security plan for your facility.

Book Signing and Meet and Greet with Theresa Payton

3:20 p.m. - 4 p.m.
Immediately following the closing keynote session in the ballroom foyer.

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