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ISO 41000: FM standards, understanding and implementation

Facility Management (FM) is strategic and dynamic, this session is essential for anyone wishing to stay at the forefront of the profession. 

The release in 2017 of the ISO 41000 suite of international FM standards is a game changer and provides a framework for FM worldwide that impacts on the operational efficiency of facilities, productivity of organizations, FM professionals and associated individuals. 

In April last year the newest arrival: ISO 41001:2018 FM Management System Standard – Requirements with guidance for use. 

FM standards provide a common language and a framework to support global consistency in the delivery of services, fine-tune performance and manage risks allowing businesses to operate in a more effective, efficient and resilient manner. 

This session will address the development and implications of ISO 41000 and demonstrates how standards can contribute to a more productive, sustainable and liveable Built Environment which influences our Quality of Life. 

Specifically this session will equip you with knowledge of:  

  • Background to Standards 
  • Introduction of the ISO 41000 series and review of: 
    • ISO 41011: 2017 FM – Vocabulary 
    • ISO 41012: 2017 FM – Guidance on strategic sourcing and the development of agreements 
    • ISO 41013: 2017 FM –Scope, key concepts and benefits
    • ISO 41001: 2018 FM – Management systems – Requirements with guidance for use
  • Guidance on Standards implementation and creating an ISO compliance culture
  • Insights into the future developments


Stephen Ballesty, FRICS, FAIQS, ICECA, CQS, CFM, IFMA Fellow

Stephen BallestyStephen is currently an Australian delegate for the ISO international FM standards initiative (ISO/TC267 working on the ISO 41000 series since 2012), ISO/TC267's global liaison to ISO/TC-251 (ISO 55000 asset management). 

Stephen is a former member of the IFMA Board of Directors and Past Chairman of both the IFMA Foundation; and FMA Australia.  He is also a Life Member of FMA Australia and a longstanding judge of the Global FM excellence awards. Last year he became the first ever recipient from the Oceania region of an IFMA Fellowship for his service to industry. 

Stephen has advised owners, occupiers, investors, corporations and governments internationally. His property asset management consulting firm In-Touch Advisory connects stakeholders with solutions for the Built Environment across the property–construction–facilities life cycle.



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